What is planBreathe?

What is planBreathe?

Although our little quirky planBreathe building is no more – BreathWork and our healing services continue beyond those little walls!

James Alexander Langteaux is holding BreathWork sessions every Monday night at Okra Yoga in Plaza Midwood — 1912 Commonwealth Avenue in Charlotte at 7pm. Additionally you can contact him to provide breathwork for groups, retreats, private gatherings or private sessions. He is happy to host in his home studio in Plaza Midwood, or he will come to you. Call James at 213.925.7246 to ask questions or make arrangements.

The secret sauce is РMeditational Breathwork Рa powerful healing modality that is beyond belief in its power to bring breakthrough, healing and a greater sense of well being in only a single session.  It is a profound way to make a deeper spiritual connection, find healing from the past junk we carry around Рlike rejection, abandonment, abuse, heartbreak and all the messiness that can come with living life with your heart wide open.

Breathwork brings deep healing and freedom from past trauma and helps us better navigate our current and future relationships–on all levels. ¬† Now how can you beat that?

When plan A isn’t working it just may be time for planBreath√™!

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