Who is James?

Who in the world?

Author, Breathwork Practitioner, Film maker

James Alexander Langteaux is a gifted, intuitive, healing practitioner.  He has been working in this modality for more than 8 years and has witnessed countless lives all over the world transformed by the work he lovingly and humbly facilitates. James is simply a conduit and allows the power of the Divine Breath to work miracles, while he simply holds the space.  In addition to leading the meditation sessions, James does energy work and intuitive sessions as well.

James is a professor at the Los Angeles Film school and the author of three books, (Random House, Findhorn Press).  He produces film and television, and he is a rather poignant and entertaining speaker. James has lived in far flung places like the South Island of New Zealand and he has filmed extensively in India, Australia, Europe, and Africa.

James did his undergraduate work at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he graduated with honors and distinction. He did the same with his Master’s Degree at Regent University and James went on to teach Communication and Media at Azusa Pacific University near Los Angeles.

James worked as a television producer and film maker for most of his adult life, producing and hosting segments and shows all over the world. He continues to do this today. His rather raw and shocking new book, Gay Conversations with God – straight talk on fanatics, fags and the God who loves us all has created quite a stir. The reviews on Amazon are a testimony to the power that comes when we tell the truth about our lives in honest transparency, and the truth about the God who loves us, in spite of it all.

But of all his endeavors, there is nothing James finds more rewarding than to be able to share the healing gift of Meditational BreathWork.

“For months, a close friend tried to get me to attend a session and I was ridiculously resistant. It turns out,the ego has a way of sensing dramatic changes and will do everything it can to prevent us from doing what may be best for us, in order to protect the status quo. Finally I relented. That first BreathWork session forever changed my life. Tears poured down my face as I was given the key to forgive my father for what felt like a lifetime of low grade rejection. In a little over an hour I found what I had been looking for my whole life. And from that day on, my father and I have been the best of friends. I knew at that moment that I had to learn this powerful modality and share it with as many as I could around the world.” –James Langteaux

James is passionate, intense yet his deep love for people is disarming and welcoming.

“If you would like to find a little more peace, a little more freedom from the banana juggling chimps in your brain, especially if you have A.D.D. like me – you really must give Meditational BreathWork a try. It will be the best investment you can make in yourself. There will never be peace in the Middle East, until there is peace in me!” James Langteaux

Come breathe the change you wish to see!