Retreats and Speaking Engagements

James Langteaux is excited to begin offering a variety of retreats and seminars in conjunction with other healers and teachers.

Stay tuned for more information on all the great events and resources that will coming soon!

James is available for speaking engagements and group Breathwork sessions. Call 213.925.7246 or email for scheduling or inquiries.


Be sure to look for all of James Alexander Langteaux’s books on Amazon!

Gay Conversations with GodStraight Talk on Fanatics, Fags, and the God Who Loves Us All! Extreme Intimacy with an Interactive God

God.netThe Journey Beyond Belief

A Reader Review from Amazon – Gay Conversations has 4.9 Stars!
It made me laugh and cry, but the true beauty of this story was its seemingly total lack of BS. Langteaux was uncomfortably honest about some of his life experiences, and I found myself occasionally judging him on reflex. I would then understand why he was being so candid, and it was like having a spotlight shine down on my hypocrisy. Such moments made me treasure this book. I truly believe most of the church’s problems would evaporate over night if more Christians could find the courage to be genuine with one another. The author reminded me of the kid from The Emperor’s New Clothes. He throws self consciousness to the wind to raise his voice and ask why everyone is pretending Jesus is anything like the Christian establishment says he is. This wasn’t just an unvarnished look at the author, it was also a realistic presentation of Christ and the powerful who claim to speak on his behalf.
Did I mention it was hilarious?