“I have been to a boat load of workshops and I love going to them. However, I have never felt so safe and cared for as I did today. You did a wonderful job at creating a space of love and security. And as far as the actual teransformational breathwork – oh my gosh – I feel like I was introduced to myself for the first time. That is all I will say now. I keep tearing up when I consider what I experienced today!” – Gaye, North Carolina

“When I was approached about having a private breathwork session, I felt somewhat skeptical. I was raised in a conservative Christian home and we don’t do things that are strange or of the devil, like “breathing”. But I trusted the young man who was going to be leading the session. Once I found my rhythm, I relaxed. I slowly became at ease with the inner battles that consumed my daily life. Once I slowly drifted back to reality, I felt the weight of worry and fear leave my body. It was as if I was freed from everything that held me back.¬†Until you experience it, you will never know the power of this technique. Trust me when I say that it is one of the most freeing experiences I have ever had. Thank you for expanding my horizons and my lungs!” – Tommy Hall, Kentucky

While getting up off the floor – with wonder in his eyes Greg said, “What the HECK just happened? I went somewhere! And I need to know what the heck just happened! I feel connected to everything in such a profound way. WOW!” – G.G., North Carolina

“I feel as though I have had a personal tour of the Universe!! And I feel connected like I’ve never been connected before.” –¬†Jen, North Carolina

“I am blown away! Since I have been coming to Breathwork sessions my blood pressure has come way down. My doctor asked what in the world I was doing. I told him I was just breathing! Tom, Charlotte,

“I have tried just about every drug known to man, more than once and this was the wildest most amazing trip I have ever been on! I will be back. Dave T.

“James touch is incredibly healing. There is literally heat in his hands.” Stephen M.

“I left with my spirit renewed and my body glowing. My husband remarked that I looked “radiant”! Thank you so much!” – B.Z., North Carolina

“I have frequent pain in my lower back and left my massage appointment today feeling better than I have in weeks. It’s now almost 8 hours later and I still feel great. I will definitely be making another appointment soon.” – Nick Cushing, North Carolina